Sunday, January 16, 2011

My top-ten "tried and true" de-tox foods & beverages:

In the sprit of the New Year, I'd like to share my top-ten detoxifying foods and beverages with the blogosphere:

1. Bolthouse's "Green Goodness" fruit/veggie smoothie: Tastes like kiwi, but with all of the veggies you need.

2. Think Thin bars:
 A great breakfast protein bar, with 0 sugar and delicious varieties, my favorites being: Chocolate covered Strawberries, Think Thin Crunch: chocolate covered nuts, and Think Green (a superfood bar).

3. Peter Rabbit's Orange, Mango and Banana Fruit Puree: Sold at Starbucks, these Puree Pouches aren't just for kids! A delicious and organic "pick me up" and a great alternative to a carb-loaded bakery item.

4. Yogi's Peach DeTox Tea: I've tried many DeTox teas. (Traditional Medicinal's "EveryDay Detox", Organic India's "Tulsi Tea") which all have the "peppery" taste of too many bitter herbal add-ins, but the best one I've found so far is Yogi's peach, which neutralizes the healing effects with the soothing and calm taste of peach.

5.  Kale Chips: Roast washed/dried kale at 400 degrees for about 8 minutes or until crispy (but before it gets burned.) Roast on tin foil with a bit of drizzled olive oil and sea salt. Besides the benefits of kale, these kale chips are amazing.

6. The Pomegranate: the best football snack you never knew about! Because it takes forever to eat a pomegranate, these super antioxidant fruits have become a football game staple for me, keeping me too busy to indulge in the traditional junk food fare.

7. Baby Spinach Salad: Let's face it. Blueberries, blackberries and raspberries can get so expensive. Another way to get a nutrient-rich superfood is to buy spinach. The easiest way to eat it? In a salad. The "Baby Spinach" variety makes for a delicious salad leaf, which I spice up with Makoto's Honey Ginger or Ginger salad dressings, and pecans or walnuts or almonds. While the benefits of spinach are also many,  once you start eating my spinach salad you'll be salivating over the thought of another one for weeks!

8. Carrot Juice, give it another try! Most people turn up their noses to carrot juice at some decades-old memory of a revolting sip. It's time to be brave and try it again! It did take some getting used to (mainly diluting with fresh apple juice) but you'll start craving it after you start drinking this again. (Your body, the traitor, knows what's good for it and will rebel against your brain's memories, haha.)

9. Green tea. Usually, mid-February when I've exhausted all Dunkin' Donut's coffee flavors, and gained 5 lbs from Starbucks' calorie-laden beverages I find it's time for a caffeine switch. I recommend the Jasemine Green Tea flavored varieties because they taste like heaven. Four or five house mugs (or 2-3 "travelers tall mug size") will keep you caffeinated and cleansed: as green tea washes the toxins out of your body and provides antioxidants.
On a budget? I recommend: Numi's Jasmine Green tea. Tea Connoisseur? Splurge on Teavana's Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls at $6.00/oz.

10. Seeds & Nuts. Normally people choose a bean type- but let's face it. Some of us (0- blood types) can't process beans on account of the fact that we're hunter-gatherers. So seeds and nuts can do the same trick in a delicious snack way! My favorite detox nut is the almond (in moderation) but pumpkin seeds, pine nuts, pecans, walnuts, and sunflower seeds can be just as good! Watch the salt and preparation method.