Sunday, March 10, 2013

Review of "" Natural Products for Green Living

A few weeks ago on Facebook, I saw an advertisement obviously geared for someone like me:, which is a "Free Shipping" enterprise which stocks "natural products for green living." Since I hate shopping, I figured this was right up my alley, and downloaded the iPhone App for the store after being prompted about its ease of use on the Mobile Website.

The Test: I put the internal site Search Engine to the ultimate test: did the website have my absolute favorite body scrub? The Giovanni Detox Scrub made of volcanic ash and heated charcoal with Acai and Goji Berries. Which used to be sold at Publix, but has been "sold out" since August.

The Results: Not only did they have the body scrub, but they had the whole Giovanni detox system: volcanic ash body bar as well.

Why this company? Giovanni cosmetics not only donates 5% of all sales to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, but this company uses mild, plant based "eco chic" ingredients and doesn't test on animals. These features are why selected these products to be on their storefront.

The Quest: I began to search through the other categories of items on the site of companies who meet the Vine's "Green Philosophy;" products that are made from sustainable materials, energy efficient, natural, organic, designed to remove toxins, powered by renewable energy, reusable, water efficient, and more. 

I found an amazing solar powered/hand cranked AM/FM radio in "GEAR & GADGETS" that has a USB plug so you could also charge your cell phone or any other USB port device! Best part? It's only $31! Never mind the "Vine" online coupons that you can find/use for a first time purchase on! Perfect for any act of weather/Mother Nature/Emergency scenario!

There are also a variety of solar powered cell phone chargers on the site worth checking out!

Back to Beauty: Because I hate shopping for beauty products in stores, where I'm often overwhelmed by selection, I returned to the Beauty and Healthy and Wellness categories of green products and ended up trying this new skin toner made of natural ingredients such as garden tomatoes by Burt's Bees, and my go-to favorite nighttime Blemish Stick also by Burt's Bees.

What else? I also brought some organic tea by NUMI (one of the most ethical companies in the world) and some essential oils. (Being allergic to most everything else.)

Worth the visit? So between the free two day shipping and first time coupon saved me over $20 on my cart of green products. I will be using this site again soon, especially now that I know they have a great range of Gluten-free products and other organic foods!