Saturday, January 29, 2011

" A Review of the Social Media Guide," by Aimee., the self-proclaimed "Social Media Guide," uses a Wal-Mart type logo and a clickable tab bar to organize interesting articles on subjects such as: Social Media, Tech & Gadgets, Business & Marketing, Video, Dev[elopment] & Design, Media, Social Good and Startups.

The interface, looks like this:

When googling Mashable pictures, I saw the transformation of what Mashable used to be to what it has become today. The old user interface had links to the main social networking sites: twitter, facebook, myspace, etc... the new user interface runs more like a major news network, with categories of information, such as:

1. "The 42 New Social Media Resources You May Have Missed,"
2.  "Ten Creative Uses of the New Facebook Profile,"

1. "Futuristic VW to hit the Streets: Gets 260 MPG"
2. "Plug Hub that Makes Cables Disappear,"  (See photo: right)
3. "Angry Birds: RIO to be Launched in March"
4. "FCC GrantsGoogle Access to "Super Wi-Fi" Broadband Spectrum,"

1. "LivingSocial is Giving Groupon a Run For Its Money, Thanks to Amazon"
2. "YouTube Looks to Integrate Comments From Facebook & Twitter,"

1. "Our Favorite YouTube Videos This Week,"
2. "The 'No Pants' Subway Flash-Mob Rides Again!"

1. "Switching to Verizon? Sell Back Your AT&T iPhone/iPad at Macworld,"
2. "Google Previews its Tablet-Optimized Android Honeycomb OS,"
3. "Great Moments in Text Messaging," (A Comic)

1. "The State of Cybercrime,"
2. "Thousands of Horoscopes Mashed up to Create One Generic [and perfect?] Prediction." (See below)

1. "Kindle Books Now Outselling Paperbacks at Amazon"
2. "What it's like inside one of the World's Most Exclusive Conferences: The World Economics Forum,"
3. "Rupert Murdoch's 'The Daily' [tablet newspaper] Officially Launching Feb 2"

1. "E-Commerce Site Lets Users Buy a Better Life For Girls in India"
2. "E-Readers in Africa: Non-Profit Brings Thousands of Books to Ghanaian Children"
3. "4 Social Trends Impacting the Future of Online Fundraising,"
4. "4 Innovative Social Good Campaigns for Education,"

1. "11 Recommendations for the Entrepreneur's Bookshelf"
2. "New Android App Helps You Determine if a Product is a Good Buy."

THE VERDICT on Thumbs-up! I found a lot of interesting news articles and information that I hadn't seen or considered before on this website. It's easy interface makes it simple to navigate. (I'll probably even buy one or two of the cable organizer "Plug Hubs" for my OCD husband now that I've seen them!)

My Usage Recommendation for you: Add it as a 'Bookmark Bar' tab on your internet browser for easy daily/weekly new article check-ins if you like these topics...