Monday, January 17, 2011

Apple Inc: The New Mac App Store

Because 42% of my readers use Safari as an Internet Browser (Firefox-24% and Int. Explorer- 20%) and 37% of my readers use Mac Operating Systems (54%-Windows), I thought some of you might appreciate an overview of the new Mac App store:

With a layout similar to iTunes, it's easy to navigate the "Top Free," "Top Paid," and "Top Grossing" right column lists, easy to search "Staff Favorites," "New & Noteworthy" and "What's Hot." Amongst these apps, be prepared for a software sticker price much above the $1.29 songs on iTunes. I've checked out some of what I think might be the most personable or useful apps: from Religious calendars, to Yoga positions, arcade games to GPS, finance to weight trackers, and language translators, it seems there's something useful for everyone.

1. Mémoires ($14.99) : an easy way to keep a journal on a Mac. Uses "Quick Draw" for your own sketches, writes like Text Editor, and integrates photos into entries easily. Cons: Expensive, easily replicated in Microsoft Word. Pros: Organizes posts easily. VERDICT: PASS.

2. Solitaire Greatest Hits (FREE): Looks just like the old Solitaire on Windows. 14 Solitaire card games for free, what's not to like? VERDICT: DOWNLOAD FOR FREE!

3. iPhoto '11 ($14.99): Worth buying for the update. Needs OS X to run. (Sorry Windows). The best photo editing/organizing software on the market. Very affordable. VERDICT: BUY.

4. iHomework ($2.99): For my middle/high school/college/Grad school readers: a great way to organize your homework assignments (in case you lost your planner) which can be run on your Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch! VERDICT: BUY.

5. Relax ($.99): Includes 80+ minutes of melody based relaxation programs and advice. VERDICT: Buy it if you don't have a "Relaxation" playlist on iTunes.

6. FaceTop ($.99): Downloads photos and entire albums of pictures from your facebook friends. Good if you have lots of family with pics online that you'd like to save/store. VERDICT: Buy if you have grandkids.

7. Vault ($8.99): Store files privately and securely. Password-protected and encrypted folders. VERDICT: Buy if you work for the FBI or Michael Weston, or if you're Dexter Morgan.

8. OldBooth ($4.99) : Upload your own photos to see what you'd look like in another era! Over 100 masks to play with. Rave reviews. VERDICT: Buy if you like to play around with

9.'s "Family Tree Maker for Mac" ($99.99): Incorporates documents, photos, audio & video into a intuitively organized family tree maker. BUY: If you're the family genealogist.

10. Desktop Poems (FREE): Think "Magnetic Poetry" for your desktop. Moveable words for the creatively inclined. BUY: If you're right brained. (Don't even bother if you're left brained, it can get messy easily.)