Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"My Favorite Things!" by Aimee.

"EVERYONE IN THE AUDIENCE GETS A FREE 2012 MUSTANG!!!!!" (Just kidding, but I was definitely channeling Oprah on that one!) Yes, I'd buy you one of everything if I could.

"My Favorite Things," by Aimee. 

1. My favorite electronic: iPhone 3G-S. Yes, I have a Mac desktop, an iPod, an iHome, a iLuv portable speaker set (thank you Christy), and I've had about four or five cell phones before today but the iPhone is a clear frontrunner. I hate phones, yet, even I can admit, I don't know how I enjoyed life before my iPhone. Read all about it here. Granted, I hated iPhone users when I didn't have one because of how obnoxious and ravingly passionate they were about a phone- for God's sake- but if I could go back in time. I would have had one for the past decade. And if you STILL HATE IPHONES: Check out these HILARIOUS jokes about them!

2. Favorite Magazine: REAL SIMPLE. Yes, it even inspires ME to clean and be organized and cook...and that's asking a lot. To check out the contents, check out the webpage here... They have tons of recipes, organizing tips, beauty & style guides, product tests, health, work and life tips, and entertaining check lists. It is THE online guide to life. 

3. My favorite webpage creator: WETPAINT. Get started here... It skips all of the more advanced HTML and code, and lets you create an engaging website, completely individualized and for free!

4. My favorite BLOG: (besides Nicole's and this one) is the premier  Twilight Blog. It has more scoops than an ice cream shop, most recently included ninja black ops leak pictures of Bella & Edward's Cottage in the woods. If you don't believe me- check it out! 

5. My Favorite Book from 2010: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. People ask me all the time if it's better than the original and I say this: Yes. Not only does it retain 70% of the original text, and add only 30% of zombie-fighting mayhem, the additions are almost impossible to distinguish, being that they are as well written as Austen's finest. As one critic said, "The literary community should never be too proud to laugh at itself." (source) 

6. My Favorite Movie from 2010: DESPICABLE ME. Snarky, kid-friendly, and touching all wrapped up into one gut-tickling comedy. It's a shame it wasn't nominated with the animated weeper Toy Story 3, because Despicable Me clearly beat TS3 out of the park for creativity and humor. 

7. My favorite song from 2010: iTunes cleverly tells me that I listened to Miranda Lambert's rendition of "The House that Built Me" 53 times since I bought it last March, making it my most played song from 2010. Enjoy the tune below, courtesy of YouTube: but be prepared to sniffle. 

8. My favorite new T.V. show from 2010: COVERT AFFAIRS. Yes, as a teacher, I am drastically behind the real world in regards to primetime television- yet this funny and quick based thriller came on over the summer and I for one, can't wait for it to come back! Starring the lovely Piper Perabo (Coyote Ugly) as the C.I.A's newest recruit the show follows the many dangerous misadventures and exploits of Annie's new career. 

9. Favorite Car from 2010: The CHEVY VOLT. Call me an optimist, and environmentalist, and idealist, quixotic, iconoclastic and biased, but I love the Chevy Volt. I love that G.E. bought 11,000 of them for their fleet, and I love that they're on the market now. If I were to buy one, I could essentially drive to work for $1.25 (electricity) per day. No gas necessary, but available if needed. Read this great review of the Chevy Volt by a guy who knows nothing about reviewing cars. 

10. Favorite Restaurant in the South: Ceviche's Tapas Bar and Restaurant in South Tampa, is a romantic with the most delicious tapas to try and share. Closely followed by Tina Tapas at Channelside. Check out the Ceviche menu here...

Favorite Restaurant in the North: Flo's Clam Shack, Newport, R.I. There's nothing worse than arriving home to New England for a summer spell from teaching and to arrive at Flo's the DAY BEFORE they open for the season. (Seriously) The best clam cakes around. Amazing raw oyster bar upstairs. The Salt Life doesn't get any better than this! Check out their historic page here...