Sunday, February 13, 2011

"Hopes & Dreams," A Birthday Bucket List Post.

Birthday News Snapshot:

There's a lot of depressing news in the media today. From a famous model dying from anorexia, and her mother committing suicide, Lindsay Lohan might go back to jail (not that anyone cares, but it's depressing that we have to keep hearing about this so often) global unrest and revolutions, natural disasters, domestic political tensions, and more...

But, on the lighter side of things, there's also some good and interesting news out there, albeit you may have to go searching for it, such as: Eminem giving his only interview in the past four months to an 8th grader,  that revolution can change a regime in Egypt which some are calling the first digital revolution and others disagree, the ship that inspired Moby Dick was found, the beach where Tom & I got married was named one of the Top Ten Best Beach Destinations for 2011 in the world, Urban Outfitters debuted new wedding dresses, The coolest Ghost Towns in America list came out, I discovered a real world Treasure Hunt called 'Geocaching' for my iPhone which uses the GPS feature to let you hunt for caches a modern day 'digital letterboxing', our Academy Lady Wildcats won the District Championship,  Taylor Lautner turned 19 (that one is for my teen/tween fans), and the 10-year long improvements at Fenway Park are almost complete!

After reviewing the news in the world today, and musing over getting older before anything depressing knocks me out of the global gene pool, I've decided to post all of my birthday hopes & dreams on the blogosphere in the form of my Bucket List.

Aimee's Bucket List:
-Hike all 48 four thousand footers in New Hampshire with Mom. (10 left!)
-Hike the Appalachian Trail.
-See Antartica.
-Boire un cafe, sans lait, en Paris près du Tour Eiffel.
-Visit Ireland, Scotland, Sweden, France, England, Germany (Bavarian Christmas Shops), Russia, Czech Rep. (Prague), Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Svalbard's seed vault, India, Japan, China, Fiji, New Zealand, Tahiti, Iceland, Morocco, and more...
- Earn $20M to send my dad to outer space and back (hey, he wants to go.)
-Buy Nate a '70 Chevy Nova.
-Buy Tom the slowest and safest car in the world for our 
Saturday Night dates: Hmmm, a tank? His response: "A tank can go 75 [mph]!"
-Get Beth to hike Mt. Washington.
-See Christy get married in Ireland.
-See one of my students become a teacher.
-To be able to take care of my parents for the rest of their lives.
-Convince Rachel she should drive from Seattle to Alaska.
-Go back to Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Quebec and Montreal. 
-Drive Across America. (East-West)
-Drive from Seattle to Anchorage, AK.
-Ride the mules down to Phantom Ranch in the Grand Canyon.
-White water raft part of the Colorado River.
-Publish a novel.
-Build a treehouse.
-Host foreign exchange students.
-Build a log cabin in the middle of the NH/ME woods.
-Win a shopping spree at L.L.Bean.
-Get a mermaid tattoo, a 'Vita Brevis: Vade Mecum' tattoo and an aquarius symbol tattoo.
-See a Colts vs. Pats game.
-Own a Volvo C30, a '65-'66 Mustang, an Audi A3, and a Ford GT.
-Have kids.
-Adopt/foster a kid.
-See a Red Sox Spring Training Game: 3/20/2011!
-Be a bridesmaid.
-Sing on a television show.
-Go on Survivor.
-Survive the  apocalypse with all of my gear and friends.
-Plant a organic vegetable garden.
-Install solar panels on my house.
-Stay for a week at the Mt. Washington Hotel to ski :)
-Compete in a Sprint Triathlon.
-Get cats.
-Scuba dive in the Caribbean.
-Go to Harry Potter World.
-See a Red Sox game at Fenway.
-See the Sox win a World Series.
-See the Colts win a Superbowl.
-Get married.
Travel Internationally.