Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day 2011 Challenge: Get involved!

DO:  Pledge an Act of Green! "A Billion Acts of Green," Sponsored by Quickly Register with the Facebook App to show your friends what we can do together!

READ: Check out the Huffington Post's "9 of the Best Books You Should Read to Celebrate Earth Day!"

ATTEND: A Local Earth Day event near you! For listings, click here...

CONNECT: See what your friends are doing on Facebook! Challenge them to pick something to give back to the earth today!

CHANGE: Commit to these "five ways you can embrace Earth Day everyday!"
1. Turn off the lights!
2. Use less water.
3. Don't print. (From the printer)
4. Offset your carbon footprint: plant a tree!
5. Talk about "Earth Year" instead!

CELEBRATE! Check out what you can do to help celebrate Earth Day! For 15 great ways to celebrate Earth day: click here!

LEARN: The Top Ten things you can do to make a difference on Earth Day!

My challenge to you: pick one and report back on it here at the end of the day!