Friday, April 22, 2011

Aimee's Earth Day 2011 Adventures!

Aimee's EARTH DAY 2011 Adventures! 

Here were my goals:
1. To Plant a Tree! I was able to plant a tree on the skirt of the forest edge of the preserve behind our house.

2. To raise awareness about Earth Day! I was able to buy the white shoe polish with the built in circle sponge (thank you Marching Band!) to write a Happy Earth Day message on my car windows and to salute the people of Tampa as I drove around today! I also wrote a blogpost about how to get involved locally or on your own. I also texted fifty of my friends and family a Happy Earth Day message (sorry!) and updated facebook with pics of my adventures to try to get people thinking about Earth Day and how they can get involved!

3. To Donate Clothes to Charity! I wanted to go through my closets and to pack, donate and recycle all of the clothes I no longer wear. 

4. To bring my recyclables to the Recycling Center!  It's a bit of a pain drive back to our old apartment complex to recycle stuff (Florida apt/condo complexes generally don't recycle) but I've made it a goal to keep up with it this year!
 5. To buy local produce and support local farmers from a fruit stand! I drove up to Rt. 56 today (with the signs on my car) to advertise Earth Day and to get some locally grown produce. Check out my purchases! (See Photo Left).
 6. To do an Earth-Friendly project: I made some "sweater rack dryers" out of tulle netting, 8 nails, a staple gun and some wood the guys at Lowe's cut down for free for me. The two racks cost about $6.00 total to make and will dry my sweaters without hot dryer air/electricity forever! 

All in all: a great start to the day! HAPPY EARTH DAY!