Saturday, April 02, 2011

Aimee's Recycling Challenge Results!


Last week, I kicked off my first RECYCLING CHALLENGE, offering a prize gift card to the winner who collected the most recyclables and then uploaded a picture to the Facebook Event, or to my e-mail. I feel it was hugely successful because people, like myself, looked beyond their normal recyclables for extra odds and ends around the house that they could reduce, recycle and reuse!  Here are the entries:

Melissa's entry!

Grace's recycling entry!
Cleaning out my own fridge!

Randi & Jenna's recycling entry!

Carlen's: Part I

Carlen's recycling entry! Part II

And now to announce the winner! A young man, who endlessly searched his neighborhood for cans and paper, and more, one of my seventh grade students: Matthew, created this YouTube video of his efforts, which are to be commended. 

Thank you to all of my participants! Keep up the great work! 
Happy EARTH DAY month! 

Love, Ms. Aimee Nadow.