Thursday, July 05, 2012

Music Review: EVERCLEAR's newest album.

It was a lollipop in paradise when I discovered two days ago that EVERCLEAR had just released a new album. For those of you who weren't fans back in the 90's: Everclear's "So Much for the Afterglow" album was literally my middle/high school soundtrack, and the single "Amphetamine" my anthem for a decade.

My mom even noticed my excitement on Facebook- as I immediately shared this golden nougat of knowledge, asking me to "sing one of their songs" in our most recent phone conversation. She didn't know it- mainly because I wore a lot of giant headphones in that decade while listening to Art's teenage angst filled lyrics.

Imagine my surprise then when learning that EVERCLEAR was also currently on tour in America! Taking the stage with none other than the following 90's powerhouse line-up:

So, in addition to going to that concert at my earliest possible convenience, I bought the new album: INVISIBLE STARS on iTunes for the bargain of $9.99. It exceeded my expectations by far! I was very happy to read: "...they are certainly eager to evoke memories of the past by reworking [successful] hooks...whether this nostalgia--so calculated that the prom queen of "Falling in a good Way" pointedly entered high school in 1995, the year Everclear had their first big big, "Santa Monica" (and this album's "Santa Ana Wind" certainly brings to mind that tune as well)- has an audience in 2012 is almost beside the point; after many years in the wilderness Alexakis [E's lead singer] has once again found the sound of Everclear on Invisible Stars."
 -iTunes Album Review. 

So I journeyed forth to find "new" bouts of nostalgia from my favorite band and as soon as I heard Art's voice, which has not changed in almost twenty years, my heart warmed and I was head nodding, window down in 90 degree Tampa, blasting my Everclear pride to anyone who would listen. Check out these tracks:

1. My favorite track "Jackie Robinson" is a rousing fist-pump towards racial progress in America, which  reminds me clearly of: "I Will Buy You a New Life" ('97). 

2. "Falling in a Good Way": It's almost a sequel to "Amphetamine" ('97). 

3. "Be Careful What You Ask For": I'm sorry, was this track recorded in 1997 and then time-capsuled? I can't tell the difference. Everclear at its best.

4. "Santa Ana Wind" slows us down, like "New Life" ('97)  again picking up into a nostalgic memory of  the 90's. 

5. "I am Better Without You": High gear fun. Great guitar licks. Oldschool Everclear again.

6. "Aces" like "El Distorto De Melodica" ('97) begins with cranked guitar with matching high octane 

7. "Promenade" was the song that in the 30-second demo on iTunes made me buy the whole album. It's original Everclear that you should be here for.

The band in 2012: