Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Bucket List Update: December 2018.

Aimee's Bucket List:
-Hike all 48 four thousand footers in New Hampshire with Mom. (6 left!)
-Hike the Appalachian Trail. (78 miles done!)
-Hike the Pacific Crest Trail.
-Hike the Continental Divide Trail.
-See Antartica.
-See the Aurora Borealis.
-Boire un cafe, sans lait, en Paris près du Tour Eiffel.
-Visit Ireland, Scotland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, France/French territories, England and UK territories, Germany (Bavarian Christmas Shops), Russia, Czech Rep. (Prague), Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Svalbard's seed vault, India, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Macao, South Korea, Mexico, Grand Cayman, St. Maarten(Dutch side)/St. Martin(French side), St. Kitts, Grand Turk, Grenada, Puerto Rico, Canada, Fiji, New Zealand, Tahiti, Iceland, Morocco, Lake Tahoe, and more...
-Pray in a Buddhist temple in the Himalayas.
-Walk on the Great Wall of China.
-See the Terracotta Warriors.
-Build a tiny house!
- Send my dad to space
-Buy Nate a '70 Chevy Nova.
-Buy Tom a race car
-Get Beth to hike Mt. Washington.
-Eat at a Michelin Starred restaurant: Roy's-Tampa, Mourad-San Francisco, L’Atelier de Joel  Robuchon Hong Kong, Din Tai Fung Hong Kong)
-See Christy get married in Ireland.
-Go on a cruise.
-See one of my students become a teacher.
-To be able to take care of my parents for the rest of their lives.
-Drive with Rachel from Seattle to Alaska 
after our 2011 drive from Tampa to Seattle and back.
-Go back to Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Quebec and Montreal. 
-Drive Across America. (East-West)
-Ride the mules down to Phantom Ranch and see the Grand Canyon.
-White water raft part of the Colorado River.
-Publish a novel.
-Build a treehouse.
-Host foreign exchange students.
-Build a log cabin in the middle of the NH/ME woods.
-Win a shopping spree at L.L.Bean.
-Get a tattoo
-Own a '65-'66 Mustang
-Have a kid
-Adopt/foster a kid.
-See a Red Sox Spring Training Game: 3/20/2011!
-Be a bridesmaid.
-Sing on a television show.
-Go on a Survival Show.
-Plant an organic vegetable garden.
-Install solar panels on my house.
-Stay for a week at the Mt. Washington Hotel to ski :)
-Compete in a Sprint Triathlon.
-Run a 5k, 10k, 15k
-Get cats.
-Scuba dive in the Caribbean.
-Go to Harry Potter World.
-See a Red Sox game at Fenway.
-See the Sox win a World Series.
-See the Colts win a Superbowl.
-Get married.
Travel Internationally.
Raise over $4,600.00 for cancer research.
Walk all 60 miles of the Susan G Komen 3-Day for the Cure. 
Walk the 3-Day with my Mom and friends for a second time.